Go Green

tunnelwasherThere are many ways to be environmentally Responsible. At Tomlinson Linen We have invested in a greener future the following ways

Each module performs a specific portion of the wash process. Water flows in the opposite direction of the goods, creating a built-in water reuse system.

A tunnel washer is part of a system which usually also includes a press or centrifugal extractor, dryers, and conveyors to move goods automatically.



We provide quality paper products that are environmentally friendly. Tork is the premier Eco Friendly Paper Company. Ranked the Second Greenest company in the world for their sustainability practices. Not only is it a great paper product you can help create a greener planet.



F-Matic Products (Air Fresheners)

Made with pure botanical extracts. All natural and organic. Non-Toxic and Hypo-allergenic. You will feel secure knowing you a product that will be beneficial yet safe for your customers and the environment.