Our Team

Our Core Values: For over twenty years Tomlinson Linen Service has remained true to its founding core values of integrity, service and quality. These Core Values are fundamental to establishing our corporate culture, building a strong sense of teamwork and delivering quality product to our very satisfied customers.

  • Joel McAllister

    General Manager


    When Joel McAllister was invited to be general manager of Tomlinson Linen Service, he was excited. This was an opportunity he was fully prepared to engage—a chance to put 10 years of proven management experience to work for a fast-growing company in Seattle with a reputation for quality products and great customer relationships. It was a match made in hospitality heaven.

    “When it comes down to it, it’s about customer service and building relationships that last a long time,” Joel says. “That’s who we are.”

    Since 2006, Joel has lent his management expertise to overseeing the sales, service and production facets that continue to make Tomlinson Linen Service a success. “I believe I have the best team,” Joel asserts. Joel believes in the integrity of Tomlinson Linen Service’s business practices, and is proud of his company’s ability to build solid partnerships with customers.

    Outside of his work at Tomlinson Linen Service, Joel enjoys playing golf, wine tasting, and attending his kids’ sporting events.

    To contact Joel, click on the Contact Us tab or click on his email address to send an email: joelm@tomlinsonlinenservice.com


  • Ken Bowman

    Vice President, Customer Relations


    Ken Bowman could have gotten a teaching job with his University of Washington degree in Kinesiology, but a funny thing happened on the way to the classroom. On the advice of a friend, Ken met with owner Gary Tomlinson, and his career took a sharp turn. Now, 24 years later, Ken is using a different skill set as Vice President of Customer Relations for Tomlinson Linen Service. With intimate knowledge of every aspect of the business, Ken’s experience enables him to keep the wheels of production turning, see that the pricing and products are in line with Tomlinson standards, and make sure the route drivers have what they need to deliver quality product and service.

    The philosophy for success in business is pretty straight forward for Ken. “One hundred percent customer satisfaction through customer service.” Ken says. “It’s all about relationships.”

    It’s no wonder he found his niche at Tomlinson Linen Service.

    Ken admits to being a lifelong exercise freak. Powered by his love of running, he has accumulated over 30,000 miles since 1980. Ken and his wife of more than 30 years, a Special Ed teacher in the Highline School District, enjoy RVing, boating, camping and spending time with their grown son and daughter.

    To contact Ken, click on the Contact Us tab or click on his email address to send an email: kenb@tomlinsonlinenservice.com


  • Raymond Stiehl

    Director of Sales


    Raymond’s extensive hospitality background and work with other local laundry companies fits perfectly with Tomlinson’s growing needs. His organizational talent, revenue – generating creativity and personable nature helps keep Tomlinson Western Washington’s fasting growing privately owned linen company.

    Among his professional credits, Raymond was Shucker’s general manager at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, a promotion from his former hotel post as maitre d’ of The Georgian. He has also managed locally for Anthony’s Restaurants, and received two Meritorious Army Achievement Medals serving as a Specialist in the United States Army. Raymond holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Central Washington University.

    Outside of his work at Tomlinson Linen Service, Raymond is an avid hiker and fisherman.

    To contact Raymond, click on the Contact Us tab or click on his email address to send an email: raymonds@tomlinsonlinenservice.com


  • Howard Cumberlander

    Sales Associate


    When Sales Associate Howard Cumberlander joined Tomlinson, he didn’t know a thing about the laundry business.  But, Howard did have first-hand experience in some of the businesses Tomlinson serves.   With a past that spanned fashion and design, culinary school, and positions in restaurant management, Howard was more than ready.

    “I can talk about restaurants, textiles, and fashion.  I easily understand the ebbs and flows of a restaurant manager.  For me rapport is no problem, I’ve been on all sides of the coin pertaining to customer service.  I understand time restraints.  This definitely is a nice fit.”

    And in true salesmanship style Howard adds, “Tomlinson service is very good.  We have flexibility – unlike the big corporations.  Our customers appreciate and understand that.  They like to work with us.  I’m continuing a family tradition that started over 100 years ago.”

    When Howard isn’t connecting with clients, he’s with friends and family.  And because he knows his way around the kitchen – thanks to his culinary background – he enjoys throwing nice dinner parties, as well as spending time with his family.  He’s no stranger to the gym and enjoys all the cultural diversity that the Northwest has to offer.

    “I really enjoy what I do.  The people here at Tomlinson are A+,” says Howard.   Actually, the same could be said about him.

    To contact Howard, click on the Contact Us tab or click on his email address to send an email: howardc@tomlinsonlinenservice.com


  • Scott Okabayashi

    Service Manager


    When Scott accepted the position as Service Manager for Tomlinson Linen in March 2013, he felt it was like “coming home.” Scott began his career in the laundry business in 1995 working for Gary and Tim Tomlinson at New Richmond Linen in Seattle. After the company was sold, Scott was a manager in the service departments for another independent linen company and then a national linen company. This experience combined with a degree in Marketing from Arizona State University has enabled Scott to develop a strong skill set to provide excellence in customer service.

    Scott says, “I’ve had a unique opportunity to learn from the best laundry companies and apply what I’ve learned here” at Tomlinson Linen. He also enjoys working with former colleagues again and sharing a vision for how to manage a laundry company.

    Outside of work Scott enjoys spending time with his wife of 18 years and their four boys. In his spare time Scott enjoys traveling, golf, and helping coach his sons in their various sports including basketball, soccer and track.

    To contact Scott, click on the Contact Us tab or click on his email address to send an email: scotto@tomlinsonlinenservice.com


  • Patrick Gorman

    District Manager


    Bio coming soon.

    To contact Patrick, click on the Contact Us tab or click on his email address to send an email: patrickg@tomlinsonlinenservice.com


  • Chris Schaner

    Route Service Rep Trainer


    Bio coming soon.

  • Bill Overman

    Service Support


    Bill Overman carries his title of Service Support with pride.  While some might look at it as just another job, Bill sees his job as keeping the company on the road.  It’s not something you can learn how to do in school. It takes experience, patience, and a little understanding to check drivers in and out and maintain the entire Tomlinson Linen Service fleet of trucks and vans.  However, according to Bill, it’s easy when you work for managers who take care of their people.  He is very proud to be “part of such a fast-growing company” and is not afraid to tell people, “it keeps you on your toes”.

    Coming from Medford Oregon, Bill Overman is no stranger to the Northwest. When he’s not crossing t’s and dotting i’s at work, he spends a lot of his time off the beaten path in search of the perfect photo. As an amateur wildlife photographer, he always travels with camera in hand. Bill has sold several of his photos, including one that was featured in a calendar. Nothing makes a hobby more fun than one that on occasion can actually offer a lucrative pay-off.

    To contact Bill, click on the Contact Us tab or click on his email address to send an email: billo@tomlinsonlinenservice.com


  • Tom Andersen

    Office Manager and Accounts Payable


    Tom Andersen comes to the Tomlinson Linen Service team as the Office Manager after deciding it was time for a change from working many years as a buyer for a local bookstore.

    “I had been looking for an opportunity to do a job like this,” Tom says. “This company is in a rapid growth mode, which keeps things exciting and presents some challenges.”

    In addition to number crunching, Tom enjoys interacting with customers and vendors who come in or call in to Tomlinson Linen Service. He also appreciates the atmosphere of friendliness and openness in the company.

    Tom is a family guy who loves spending time with his kids. He also enjoys music and “plays a little bit of everything,” including guitar, having volunteered his musical talent as part of the worship team at his church for many years.

    To contact Tom, click on the Contact Us tab or click on his email address to send an email: office@tomlinsonlinenservice.com


  • Candace Clark

    Assistant Office Manager and Accounts Receivable


    Every successful company needs someone like Candace Clark, Tomlinson’s Assistant Office Manager. Candace’s friendly voice is likely one of the ones that will greet you when you call Tomlinson Linen Service. When customers need to ask questions, place an order or discuss other issues, Candace is on the ball with answers. She works closely with other team members to make sure account changes are made, customer orders are invoiced, new accounts are installed and the office in general runs smoothly. It’s been rumored that she can leap tall buildings in a single bound, but no one has been able to prove it yet.

    She’s the team member that’s always on call, literally. “We really strive to take care of our customer’s needs and answer their questions.” Candace says flexibility is one of Tomlinson’s strengths. “We’re always working toward keeping our customers happy. Service is very important to us.” She adds that since she started at Tomlinson, the company has grown tremendously. “We have a larger customer base and it is continually growing.”

    Candace is a Northwest native from Kent who joined the Tomlinson Linen Service team in 2007 as the main office assistant.

    To contact Candace, click on the Contact Us tab or click on her email address to send an email: candace@tomlinsonlinenservice.com


  • Janiene Douglas

    Administrative Assistant


    Although her title reads Administrative Assistant, Janiene Douglas could be called Tomlinson’s unofficial good will ambassador, since her voice is often the first one hears when calling.

    When she’s not welcoming callers, she’s handling invoices and orders that need to be sent, as well as other office duties.  Often, she finds herself fielding emergency calls.  “If a client had a busy weekend and they run out of napkins, they might call for an emergency delivery.  I help facilitate – to get the customer what they need – usually within an hour.  We try to do what we can to make our customers happy.”

    Janiene started out at Tomlinson in production.  So she’s familiar on how the company works. “I bring flexibility to the job.  Every day is different.  At any moment we may need something done – reports, projects – I’m always learning.”

    She has the capacity to remain calm, even when handling problems – an important asset.  Perhaps being the mother of four kids has something to do with it.  Hiking around the Snoqualmie or Mt. Rainier is one of her family passions.  “All the kids are very athletic.  We like exploring new places.”

    Adds Janiene “Tomlinson is part of my family – we all are very close.  We rely on each other.  “I love working here”…a sentiment that is often repeated at Tomlinson.

    To Contact Janiene, click on the Contact Us tab or click on her email address to send an email: janiene@tomlinsonlinenservice.com


  • Production Supervisors

    Irma Uribe


    Ericka Mendoza


    Mike Cortez

    To contact Irma, Ericka or Mike click on their email address to send an email: production@tomlinsonlinenservice.com