About Us

See the history of how Tomlinson Linen has come to be.

Gary Tomlinson

President & CEO

Gary has been involved in the laundry business most of his life. He is a third generation owner/operator. In his early 20’s he was General Manager of New Richmond Laundries. In 1973 his father sold most of the business. This caused Gary to start looking to buy a business for himself.

In 1983 Gary was informed that Troy laundry, a local family laundry, was interested in selling their business. Gary and Tim Tomlinson purchased the business in 1985. Gary took over the position as President and CEO. Over the next 15 years New Richmond Supply Laundries became the largest and most successful restaurant linen company in Washington.

In 1999 Paul Allen from Microsoft offered to purchase the New Richmond building. The laundry facility was in a desirable growth area plus we had outgrown the plant facility. Gary was faced with either building a new laundry facility or selling the business. Overall laundry offered to buy the linen business. Gary and Overall completed the sale of the linen business in March 2000.

In 1994 Gary Tomlinson was appointed Chairman, President & CEO of the real estate company, Tomlinson Inc. Since Gary took over he transitioned the real estate from low-end properties to all well located Class A properties. We recently developed a 50 unit apartment.

In early 2005 Gary Tomlinson and Tim Tomlinson started negotiating to purchase Peerless Laundry in Tacoma. We closed the purchase of the business in July 1, 2005. Since purchasing Peerless we changed the name to Tomlinson Linen Service and proceeded to change out all computer, and production systems in the plant to become one of the most technologically advanced commercial laundry in the state. As a result we have been successful in reducing our utility and energy use dramatically while growing over 300%.

Gary was Board President of the Village Theatre in Issaquah, Washington.

Gary is also on the board as Treasurer of a nonprofit school in Seattle called New Discover School.

Gary’s been married to his wife, Joyce, for 36 years and has four children.

Timothy T. Tomlinson

Vice-President, Co-Owner

Tim Tomlinson has spent many years in the laundry business, most recently as Co-Owner and Vice President of Tomlinson Linen Service, and earlier as co-owner and Chairman of New Richmond Linen Service, a company that had been in his family for more than 75 years. Before that he was Human Resources Director of Universal Services International, General Manager of Vandekamps Bakery, and General Manager of Prim/New Richmond. For several years in the late 70’s he managed a 400-head cattle ranch in Sonoita, Arizona.

Tomlinson received his BFA in Painting from the University of Washington, but had little opportunity to pursue his interest in art. After a lapse of 20 years, he sold his interest in New Richmond in 1994 in order to become a full-time independent artist. Missing the laundry business he along with his brother purchased the Peerless Linen Supply Company in Tacoma, Washington in July of 2005.

Because one of his four children has diabetes, Tim was a founding member of the Seattle Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, which is now one of the most successful fundraising chapters in JDRF International. He was an active board member of the Woodland Park Zoological Society for nine years, and also has served on the boards of the Cornish College of the Arts, the Matt Talbot Center, and Artist Trust.