Linen and Facility Service in Burien, WA

Tomlinson Linen Service, a family enterprise since 1985, delivers outstanding linen and facility service in Burien, WA. Our focus remains on high quality and eco-friendly operations, supplying immaculate linen to diverse industries such as healthcare and hospitality, among others. With our comprehensive range of offerings, we ensure a tidy, eco-conscious, and enjoyable environment for all our Burien clients.

Food Service

Our expertise also covers supplying superior uniforms for businesses in the food service sector. Our selection merges aesthetics with utility, featuring professionally tailored chef coats, robust aprons, and trousers. Moreover, with our cotton napkins and other essentials, we enhance dining experiences, making Tomlinson Linen the premier choice for linen and facility service in Burien.


Tomlinson caters to the healthcare sector with an extensive range of superior linens aimed at both comfort and functionality. Our product line varies from professional doctor’s wear to secure isolation gowns, multifunctional lab coats, and patient-friendly attire. By offering comfortable scrubs and warm thermal blankets, we provide a cozy setting for healthcare professionals and their patients.


For the hospitality industry, we supply deluxe linens intended to elevate the guest experience. We provide everything from chic bedspreads and soft sheet sets to comfy pillowcases, all of unparalleled quality. Our lush towels and hand towels provide an added touch of luxury, embodying our dedication to top-level service. With Tomlinson, guests are assured a snug and soothing stay.

Dust Control

We also supply superior dirt control products to maintain the cleanliness of your establishment. Our effective dust and wet mops, as well as our non-slip floor mats, keep your environment clean and secure. This adherence to quality underscores our commitment to linen and facility service in Burien.


We serve retail stores with essentials that blend practicality with style, enhancing your business performance. Our product line includes absorbent bar towels, utilitarian bib aprons, and a variety of floor mats, including logo options. By providing top-grade mops, convenient center pull towels, and dependable Tork soap, we ensure a clean and inviting shopping atmosphere.

Restroom and Sanitation Supplies

Our range extends to first-rate restroom and sanitation supplies, highlighting your dedication to health and safety. We offer quality toilet paper, multifold towels, and Tork soap. Our air fresheners and DEO-Tech Deodorizers keep your facility odor-free and inviting, leaving a favorable impression on visitors. This commitment to delivering reliable, high-performance items solidifies Tomlinson’s reputation as the top provider of linen and facility service in Burien, WA.

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With our extensive experience, we recognize the importance of creating a truly noteworthy establishment that emphasizes health, safety, and the power of first impressions. Contact us at (800) 600-7617 or send us an email to discover our wide array of products and services. Make the smart decision and select Tomlinson for the finest linen and facility service in Burien.

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