Grocery Linen and Facility Cleaning Solutions

Grocery Linen and Facility Cleaning Solutions

The cleanliness and appearance of a grocery store play a crucial role in attracting and retaining customers. High-quality linens and cleaning solutions are essential for maintaining a hygienic and pleasant shopping environment. Tomlinson Linen is a leading provider of comprehensive linen services. We boast a dynamic range of grocery linens and facility cleaning solutions that cater to the specific needs of grocery stores. Here’s how Tomlinson’s grocery linen and facility cleaning solutions lead the charge as the gold standard in our industry:

Bar Towels: Ensuring Clean and Hygienic Workstations

Bar towels are indispensable in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene at grocery stores. We offer highly absorbent and durable bar towels that effectively wipe away spills, dirt, and debris, keeping workstations and surfaces spotless. These reusable towels promote sustainability and also save costs compared to disposable alternatives.

Bib Aprons: Protecting Employees and Maintaining Professionalism

Bib aprons are an essential part of the grocery store staff’s uniform. That’s why we infuse the best style, comfort, and functionality in our garments. These aprons protect employees from spills and stains, helping them maintain a professional appearance. With customizable options, grocery stores can showcase their brand and establish a cohesive identity.

Floor Mats: Enhancing Safety and Comfort

Slips and falls pose significant risks to both customers and employees. Tomlinson Linen offers high-quality floor mats that effectively absorb moisture, reduce slip hazards, and provide comfort to staff members standing for long periods. Available in various sizes and designs, these mats are equipped with non-slip rubber backing and are custom-fit to your aesthetic and functional requirements.

Wet Mops and Dust Mops: Comprehensive Floor Cleaning Solutions

Keeping the floors clean and free from dust, dirt, and grime is vital for maintaining a sanitary shopping environment. Tomlinson Linen’s wet mops and dust mops provide comprehensive cleaning solutions that stand up to the ebbs and flows of a busy day. Our wet mops effectively clean spills and stains, while the dust mops efficiently trap and remove dust particles, ensuring spotless floors and a fresh, clean atmosphere.

Center Pull Towels: Convenient and Efficient Hand Drying Solution

Hand hygiene is paramount in a grocery store setting. Our center pull towels offer a convenient and efficient hand-drying solution for employees and customers. These towels minimize waste and reduce cross-contamination by allowing users to pull a single sheet at a time. They are also highly absorbent, providing a superior hand-drying experience.

Tork Soap: Promoting Hand Hygiene and Infection Control

Tomlinson partners with Tork to provide high-quality soap products that promote hand hygiene and infection control in grocery stores. Tork soap is gentle on the skin yet effectively eliminates germs, ensuring a safe and sanitary environment for both employees and customers.

Comprehensive Facility Cleaning Solutions

We provide comprehensive facility cleaning solutions tailored to meet the demands of your grocery store. Our services include professional laundering, inventory management, and timely delivery of fresh, clean linens. Outsource these tasks to us to focus on your core business and ensure a consistently clean and hygienic shopping environment.

Tomlinson is Your Premier Service for Grocery Linen and Facility Cleaning Solutions

Tomlinson Linen’s grocery linens and facility cleaning solutions maintain a clean, safe, and attractive environment that prioritizes the safety of those who matter most. With high-quality products, customizable options, and professional services, we’ve cemented ourselves as an industry leader in grocery linen and facility cleaning solutions. Call us today at (800) 600-7617, or email us to learn more about our products and services!