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Expert Hospitality Linen, Uniform, and Facility Service with Tomlinson 

Running a hospitality business is challenging. Linen and employee apparel needs are a quiet, yet necessary and difficult demand to keep up with. Between laundering, monitoring, and maintenance, it’s a full-time job. If your business is in the Washington area, Tomlinson’s expert hospitality linen, uniform, and facility service can help!

The Biggest Challenges with Hospitality Linen, Uniform, and Facility Supplies

What exactly are these unique challenges of meeting your hospitality supply needs? Here are the issues that Tomlinson helps you deal with:


Meeting quality needs in the hospitality industry is always harder than in every other industry. For one, businesses in the hospitality industry are under more intense scrutiny. Guests place every surface and every item under a magnifying glass. And every time something doesn’t meet their standards, it inevitably and permanently ends up on the internet. Positive online reviews influence consumer decisions. These positive reviews can actually result in as much as a 4.4% increase in sales. Keeping up with guests’ needs is already a taxing job as it is. Ensuring the quality of linens, uniforms, and maintenance supplies is an added burden that can threaten your efficiency.


Aside from quality standards, volume is one of the biggest challenges of hospitality linen, uniform, and facility product management. For example, a 120-room hotel can go through up to 400,000 pounds of laundry annually, and that’s mostly just guest-use linens. Regularly meeting this volume requires exceptional management, laundry expertise, and large-scale equipment. It’s never something that can be taken care of on the side because there is so much at stake. Running short on linens can ruin the guest experience which, in turn, negatively impacts your reputation. This is even more of a problem when you run short on restroom essentials. And certainly, staff members without uniforms running around in your hotel can spell disaster for your business image.


It goes without saying that keeping up with hospitality linen, uniform, and facility supplies is an expensive undertaking. And it does not take much for the costs to reach unsustainable levels. Acquiring supplies alone can cost you tens of thousands of dollars and that doesn’t even include the cost of maintaining and replenishing these supplies. And meeting these needs, without jeopardizing quality or going over budget, is a constant battle even for the most established brands.

How Tomlinson Can Help

Tomlinson’s decades of experience in the industry lets you meet your facility’s biggest needs with optimum efficiency and convenience. With our hospitality linen, uniform, and facility service, you can expect:

  • Supply Security. Tomlinson has the technological capacity and skill to meet your volume requirements with ease and efficiency. We have a system in place that ensures the accuracy, efficiency, and timeliness of your supply deliveries. More than that, we have a strong customer service system that stays on top of your needs. Through the high and low seasons, meeting your volume demands will never be an issue with Tomlinson!
  • Cost Efficiency. Tomlinson’s hospitality linen, uniform, and facility service come with the assurance of maximum cost efficiency. For one, it saves you from the cost of having to buy your own products. We can also save you from the high cost of maintaining your supplies. You only pay for the products that you use – not the equipment or staff you need for their maintenance. And that’s tens of thousands of dollars that can go into other areas of your operations.
  • Quality Assurance. Perhaps the best, most unbeatable benefit of working with Tomlinson is quality assurance. Not only do we have decades of experience in the industry that serve as a sign of our expertise and dependability. We also have a meticulous quality control system that makes sure every item meets your standards and expectations.

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