How Clean Restrooms Impact Your Business

How Clean Restrooms Impact Your Business

The cleanliness of a restroom can make or break a business. A poorly maintained facility has devastating consequences for your business, customer satisfaction, employee morale, and your reputation. Prioritizing a consistently spotless facility has profound impacts on your bottom line. Minimizing the risk of illness promotes employee peace of mind in knowing they’re valued as more than a commodity, encouraging optimal productivity year-round through the ebbs and flows of a busy workday. We demonstrate our commitment to staff and guest safety with real solutions. Let’s take at how clean restrooms impact your business: 

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is an easily disposable asset, but that doesn’t give us a license to compromise on the same exceptional quality we infuse into every product across our catalog. Tomlinson Linen Service features home roll toilet paper that is as absorbent and durable as it is soft to the touch.

Center-Pull Towels

Hand drying is an essential part of maintaining a clean and hygienic restroom. Tomlinson Linen Service offers center-pull towels, which are great for dispensing one towel at a time, reducing waste, and helping to keep the area clean and tidy.

Multifold Towels

Multifold towels are another hand-drying option we offer. These towels are designed to be dispensed one at a time and are a sound choice for restrooms that see moderate to high traffic.

Hand Soap

When done correctly, hand hygiene is the single most effective means of preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria notorious for derailing a smooth flow of operations. Therefore, we refuse to settle on anything less than industry-leading quality that reflects the expectations of the 21st century. Tomlinson features high-quality hand soaps that delight the senses and stop harmful contaminants dead in their tracks.  

Odor Control Services

Unpleasant odors can quickly overshadow a spotless restroom and have your guests rushing for the nearest exit. We understand that achieving a pristine bathroom involves excellence at every step, from cleanliness to appearance to odors. Our air fresheners don’t just mask offensive odors but eliminate them altogether. They also come in basic and automated forms. Because upholding the hygienic standard is a year-round commitment, we offer refills and dispenser installation.


Tomlinson Linen Service goes the extra mile to prove our commitment to elevating the standard of your business with expert installation and maintenance services that ensure no matter the unique challenges of changing seasons, you uphold your reputation as an industry leader in hygienic best practices.

Tomlinson Linen Services Shows How Clean Restrooms Impact Your Business

Quality facility services have significant impacts on the cleanliness and functionality of a business’s restroom. By providing high-quality products and services, we help you improve customer satisfaction, boost employee morale, and protect your overall reputation. Call us today at (800) 600-7617, or email us to learn more about how clean restrooms impact your business!