4-Way Aprons

Tomlinson Linen Service is a leading provider of high-quality linens for the hospitality industry in the Seattle and Tacoma areas. Our 4-way aprons are a popular choice for restaurants, cafes, hotels, and other businesses that require durable and functional uniforms for their staff.

Why Tomlinson Linen?

Let your staff’s attire serve as an extension of the image you strive to project for your business. With Tomlinson’s 4-way aprons, you enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you’re equipped with world-class garments that protect and promote optimal performance while you look good doing it!

High-Quality Materials

These aprons bring a harmonious blend of cotton and polyester, which makes them strong, wrinkle-resistant, and easy to clean. They are also treated with a soil-release finish to prevent stains from setting in. The 4-way design allows for versatile application. Wear them as a traditional bib apron, a waist apron, a half apron, or a neckband apron. You choose the style that best fits your needs.

Tailored to Wearers

Unique businesses require unique solutions. Our 4-way aprons range in sizes to ensure a comfortable fit for all body types. They feature adjustable neck and waist ties to ensure a secure and customizable fit. The aprons also have a convenient pocket on the front for holding utensils, towels, or other small items you’ll need during a hectic shift at a busy establishment.

Stylish Designs

In addition to their practical features, the 4-way aprons from Tomlinson Linen are also stylish and professional-looking. They come in the perfect shade of white that communicates luxury. Their pristine image fits any context and elevates the style of your employee. They are machine washable, making it easy to maintain the hygienic standard your business and guests expect while upholding the professional image that boosts morale and evokes a sense of elegance.

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4-way aprons from Tomlinson Linen Service are the #1 choice for businesses needing functional, durable, and stylish uniforms. Empowered by high-quality materials and industry-standard features, our 4-way design will rise to the challenge and meet the demands of a high-octane restaurant industry. Contact us at (800) 600-7617, or email us to learn more about our products and services.

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