Cotton Napkins

Cotton napkins are a popular choice for restaurants, hospitals, and other service establishments looking to provide a high-quality and sustainable experience for their customers. Tomlinson Linen Service is a leading provider of cotton napkins. We offer a range of options designed to meet the unique needs of your facility. We provide quality that elevates what your staff and guests expect from outstanding and comprehensive service.

Built to Last

Tomlinson napkins feature a level of quality that is as durable as it is elegant. Cotton is known for its strength and resilience. They withstand multiple washes and uses without showing significant signs of wear and tear. This is particularly important for businesses that require a large volume of napkins regularly, as it can be costly to replace them frequently.


They are available in a range of colors. This allows businesses to choose a look that best suits their brand and aesthetic. This level of customization is essential for facilities and event spaces looking to facilitate a memorable dining experience for their guests.


Using cotton napkins from Tomlinson Linen Service is a superior, cost-effective alternative to disposable napkins. While the initial cost of purchasing cotton napkins is higher, their advantage is their possibility of repeated use. This results in significant savings over time compared to the ongoing cost and hassles of purchasing disposable napkins.

Raise the Standard

Cotton napkins create comforting and memorable experiences. The soft and luxurious texture of cotton has the power to extend the warm embrace patients crave or facilitate a 5-star restaurant experience.

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