Striped Chef Pants (Black & White)

Chefs need reliable uniforms to ensure they perform at their best and look professional. However, most of the attention goes towards chef coats, aprons, and hats. Chef pants are just as important even if they aren’t as visible. They should look good with the other apparel and fit well to help chefs focus on the task at hand.

Find the Striped Chef Pants You’re Looking for at Tomlinson Linen Service!

Tomlinson Linen Service is the leading provider of striped chef pants for restaurants in Washington state. Our decades of experience and local, family-owned service make us the partner businesses in the area prefer. Our striped chef pants are:


Tomlinson’s chef pants mix well with a variety of other chef apparel and also stand out. They have black and white stripes that are easily visible in most areas and look good on their wearers. 


Chefs wearing Tomlinson pants will not only look stylish but also feel good on the job. They come in a variety of sizes meant to fit any wearer and allow for a full range of motion with an ergonomic design. They also use soft, breathable materials that remain comfortable to wear for long periods of time.


Our striped chef pants are built to last with durable designs that can withstand the pressures of food service environments. We also maintain them ourselves through our commercial laundry service. There, our advanced laundry machinery and tracking systems ensure that every stain is completely removed! Our team of experts also fixes tears so that every item is as good as new.

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