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Provide your healthcare patients and employees with the comfort, protection, and safety they deserve with Tomlinson

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Meeting your facility’s hygiene and safety standards is always easier when you have the right partner. And there is one Washington healthcare linen and apparel service expert that gives you the most dependable support and partnership for your facility: Tomlinson Linen Service!

Tomlinson Provides High-Quality Medical Products

Healthcare linens and apparel must be held to high standards of cleanliness and construction. Tomlinson proudly provides the following:

Healthcare Apparel Service

Tomlinson provides the best patient and employee apparel essentials in Washington! We not only have a superior selection of uniforms and apparel. We also have a highly secure handling process that ensures you always have safe, reliably clean uniforms. Call us today to set up your rentals for:

Doctor’s Coats

Isolation Gowns

Lab Coats

Patient Gowns


Healthcare Linen Service

Clean linens, such as thermal blankets, are essential for ensuring optimum patient care experience and satisfaction. And we have just the right products and the exceptional handling process that provides that.

The Most Efficient Way to Meet Healthcare Hygiene Standards

There are no shortcuts to hygiene or safety. That is why your medical facility deserves the expertise and experience of Tomlinson’s linen and apparel service!

At Tomlinson, every step in our handling process is carefully calculated to ensure superior cleanliness and maximize infection control efforts. From pickup to sorting, packaging, and delivery, we put a premium on the safety and protection of everything you need. Our service efficiency also ensures on-time, precise deliveries that protect you from product shortages and linen losses, a nearly $1 billion problem for the industry.

Our service operates on a foundation of decades of excellence, industry experience, and highly-trained professionals. No matter how big or small your medical facility may be, we can take care of the people within it in the best way possible. And did mention that our prices are some of the most competitive in the market?  

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Meet your biggest healthcare linen and apparel needs with ease, confidence, and the convenience that only Tomlinson can provide! Call us at (800) 600-7617 to learn more about how we can help you.

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