Commercial Restroom and Sanitation Supplies

A commercial restroom without a sustained, reliable method of restocking is one waiting for problems. Get out of the bathroom supplies rut with Tomlinson’s services.

restroom supplies

Still making last-minute supply runs for toilet paper and air fresheners? Secure professional-grade restroom essentials conveniently with restroom and sanitation supplies from Tomlinson!

Professional Bathroom Supply Service: Tomlinson

These are the restroom and sanitation supplies Tomlinson has to offer Washington businesses:

Soap and Paper Supply Service

The only thing more disruptive for a customer’s restroom experience than odor or visible  restrooms is empty dispensers. Upgrade your restrooms without all the hassle and sign up for the automatic soap and paper supply service from Tomlinson!

Tomlinson’s team of experts will stay on top of your inventory management needs, so you don’t just get a simple refill of your restroom essentials. You’ll also get your supplies on time and long before you get dangerously close to running on short supply.

We offer:

Toilet Paper

Center-Pull Towels

Home Roll Toilet Paper

Multifold Towels

Tork Soap

Odor Control Service

Unpleasant odors are bad for your brand’s image. Take better control of your odor control needs with complete solutions from Tomlinson! Our service comes with a selection of air fresheners in a variety of long-lasting scents. We also provide basic and automated air freshener dispensers as well as product refills, dispenser installation, and maintenance service for your convenience.

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Forget about last-minute restroom supply runs! Manage your restroom and sanitation supplies with seamless, hassle-free solutions for Washington businesses only from Tomlinson! Our products are the tools you need to keep your staff and customers happy! Call us at (800) 600-7617 to sign up for service or arrange a consultation! Have more questions or want to request a price quote for the service you need? Click here!

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