Linen and Facility Service in Seattle, WA

Linen and Facility Service in Seattle, WA

Since 1985, Tomlinson Linen Service, a family-owned business, has been offering top-quality linen and facility service in Seattle, WA. Our dedication to excellence and sustainable practices ensures impeccable linens for hospitality, healthcare, and various businesses. With a comprehensive range of products and services, Tomlinson Linen Service takes pride in fostering a clean, comfortable, and sustainable environment for clients throughout the Seattle area.

Food Service

Tomlinson Linen offers top-notch food service uniforms, boasting a wide selection of stylish and functional options. From well-tailored chef coats and pants to durable aprons, our versatile range prioritizes ultimate comfort and ease. Our cotton napkins and other essentials enhance presentation, reaffirming our position as the go-to linen and facility service in Seattle, Washington.


Tomlinson Linen supplies high-quality healthcare linens designed for comfort and functionality. This includes professional doctor’s coats, protective isolation gowns, versatile lab coats, and cozy patient gowns. Additionally, our easy-to-wear scrubs and warm thermal blankets ensure healthcare staff and their patients benefit from exceptional products.


We provide luxurious hospitality linens to elevate guest experiences. Exceptional quality is uniform across our entire catalog of elegant bedspreads, soft sheet sets, and comfortable pillowcases. Plush towels and hand towels ensure guests enjoy a touch of luxury, reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality and satisfaction. With Tomlinson in your corner, you can extend the warm embrace that guests crave.

Dust Control

Tomlinson Linen offers exceptional dust control products that maintain and elevate the hygienic standards of your establishment. Efficient dust and wet mops effortlessly tackle dirt and spills, while resilient floor mats, rubber kitchen mats, and rubber mats provide slip-resistant surfaces. Tomlinson Linen’s dedication to quality ensures optimal cleanliness and safety.


Tomlinson Linen supplies essential grocery store products that merge functionality and style to streamline your operations. Absorbent bar towels, practical bib aprons, and various floor mats, including logo options, enhance store appearance and safety. High-quality mops, convenient center pull towels, and reliable Tork soap contributes to a clean and hygienic shopping environment.

Restroom and Sanitation Supplies

Tomlinson Linen delivers top-quality restroom and sanitation supplies that showcase your commitment to employee and customer safety through hygienic facilities. Our industry-leading solutions include but aren’t limited to toilet paper, multifold towels, and Tork soap. Our premier air fresheners and DEO-Tech Deodorizers create a pleasant atmosphere with inviting fragrances that facilitate great first impressions and repeat business. Tomlinson Linen’s commitment to providing reliable, high-performance products makes us the #1 provider of linen and facility service in Seattle, Washington.

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