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What Tomlinson Can Do For Washington Medical Facilities

Healthcare businesses are intricate machines whose success relies heavily on the materials they use and wear every day. Without quality medical linen, apparel, and facility service from a trusted professional, any number of things can go wrong at any time. 

Tomlinson Linen provides top-notch medical linen and uniform service to facilities in Washington state and has done so since 1985. In order to understand what Tomlinson can do for Washington medical facilities, let’s first take a look at what could go wrong without linen and uniform service.

This Is What Going Without Linen and Uniform Service Looks Like

Any number of things can go wrong without linen and uniform service. Here are the most pressing issues:

Cross Contamination

No matter how properly trained an in-house laundry team is, mistakes will get made.

On-premise laundries are expensive to run, require a lot of space that could otherwise be used for patients, and need their own dedicated teams. On the other hand, leaving laundry up to your staff increases the risk of cross contamination outside of the medical facility and doesn’t guarantee rips or tears are taken care of. Without specialists taking good care of each linen and uniform, the risk of spreading contagions, illnesses, and diseases become far too great for any healthcare business.

Linen Loss

Linen loss is a near-billion dollar problem for the US healthcare industry. Sometimes patients take them home not realizing they aren’t supposed to. Staff can be just as guilty of this and might accidentally misplace them while at home. They can be misplaced just as easily inside the facility or even thrown out before the end of their useful life due to being heavily soiled or torn. Without a linen and uniform service at your back, every time an item goes missing, it’s on the business to both notice and replace it, which makes a huge dent in the budget.

Extra Difficultiies

Without the right tools, your staff’s jobs become far more difficult than they need to be. Contaminated linens and uniforms lead to inaccurate readings or health complications in otherwise healthy patients. Ripped or torn uniforms inhibit staff movement and make them uncomfortable, negatively impacting their performance. Going without linen and uniform service puts your patients, staff, and operations at risk of failing. With lives at stake, there’s no need to risk inaccurate procedures as a result of poor linen and uniform maintenance.

Here’s What Tomlinson Can Do For Washington Medical Facilities

Tomlinson Linen is the Evergreen State’s number 1 provider of healthcare linens and uniforms. This is what we bring to the table:

  • Proper Sanitation. Our state-of-the-art medical facilities, advanced tracking technology and machinery, and team of experienced specialists have you covered! We meet the high expectations of the healthcare industry every day with proper sanitation and maintenance. 
  • Sustainable Stock. Tomlinson practices sustainability by reusing products and repairing what we can, when we can. Since our most of the products our clients rent are reusable, they’re always in stock and ready for use. Not only that, but our clients don’t even have to lift a finger to maintain that stock because we’ll handle it ourselves!
  • The Right Tools. We thoroughly test each item before bringing it to market to meet the healthcare industry’s highest standards. With proper sanitation, a sustainable stock, and the best tools in the industry, your team will always be equipped with what they need to continue saving lives.

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