uniforms and branding

Uniforms and Business Branding

Branding is key to the continued success of every business. Even household names like Coca-Cola still do whatever they can to get their brand out there. Few companies have anywhere close to the resources or recognition of giants like that. However, there are subtle ways to can improve business branding without breaking the bank. Uniforms are a unique and often overlooked method.

Here’s What Uniforms Do for Business Branding

Businesses that use uniforms do so for a variety of reasons. They improve cohesion, outline job roles at a glance, and often protect their wearers. Since employees wear uniforms around customers and prospects, they are also a great way to bring attention to business branding. Here’s how:

Logo Reinforcement

Many uniforms feature company logos on them and serve as a representation of the business itself during customer interactions. If a customer enjoys their experience, they will associate those positive feelings with the brand. Businesses with customer-facing employees can take advantage of this by displaying their logo on uniforms in a subtle but visible way.

Color Messaging

Color psychology is a growing field and has tangible benefits for business branding efforts. Uniforms can display a variety of colors to customers who see them. Mixing and matching the right ones will help subtly influence customers’ spending decisions. It also helps to use similar colors in your branding efforts as the ones that appear on your logo. This creates branding cohesion and prevents contradictory messaging.

Professional Appearance

Uniformity is important to branding, which is why company workwear is common in many businesses. Uniforms help customers, employees, and various leadership roles all go about their business more smoothly. Everyone knows who they’re speaking to and what to expect and employees also experience improved teamwork. A business that runs more smoothly and where employees look and act more professionally also appears that much more trustworthy to customers.

Tomlinson’s Uniforms Will Boost Your Business Branding

Tomlinson Linen provides uniforms for businesses in Washington state looking to improve their branding. We have decades of experience as the state’s leading provider and many happy customers to back that up. Hear what they have to say in this video: 



Here’s what we bring to the table:

  • Stylish Uniforms for Multiple Industries. Tomlinson provides general workwear such as dress shirts and pants that can fit any industry. However, we also provide specialty uniforms for the healthcare and food service industries. This includes doctor’s and lab coats, isolation and patient gowns, scrubs, chef coats, and bib aprons. We work closely with our clients to ensure that each looks stylish and meets their business branding needs.
  • Professional Laundry and Maintenance. As part of our uniform rental service, we launder and maintain every uniform to the highest industry standards. We remove tough stains and fix rips and tears so that every uniform looks as good as new and is available when needed.

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