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What Restroom and Sanitation Supply Service Provides 

In a survey of public restroom users, respondents say they refuse to use handwashing stations due to poor facility conditions. They also cited dirty or empty dispensers as one of the most common issues with public restrooms. These factors will negatively influence customer opinions and reflect poorly on your business’s reputation. That’s one thing that restroom and sanitation supply services can prevent.

What Restroom and Sanitation Supply Service Provides

From keeping your restrooms fresh to creating the right impression on your customers, restroom and sanitation supply services offer:

Higher-Quality Supplies

The right restroom and sanitation supply service provider can give you access to higher-quality supplies without the high upfront costs of retail.

Easy, Convenient Inventory Management

Restroom services can also ensure the availability of your restroom essentials. Your service provider monitors your usage, to make sure that your supplies are replenished long before you are nearing the critical point of a shortage. You don’t have to worry, either, about following up with your service provider. With the right service provider, you can focus on your business and not your empty dispensers.

Decreased Costs

By eliminating the need to shop for your supplies plus the wholesale supply prices, you can see long-term savings on your supply needs.

Tomlinson: The Washington Restroom and Sanitation Supply Service Expert

And when it comes to Washington restroom and sanitation supply service, only Tomlinson Linen Service can meet your needs with excellence and efficiency. We offer:

  • Complete Solutions for Your Supply Needs. With Tomlinson, you can say goodbye forever to the hassle of keeping up with restroom supplies. You can also say goodbye to the unnecessary costs of restroom supplies sold at retail prices. Tomlinson’s automatic supply replenishment makes sure that you get your restroom’s most pertinent needs at no added inconvenience to you.
  • High-Quality Restroom and Sanitation Supplies. Tomlinson doesn’t leave even an iota of doubt in the quality of your restroom supplies. We source your essentials from the most trusted brands on the market, for your peace of mind and convenience. Our supply selections include:
    • Toilet Paper
    • Center-Pull Towels
    • Home Roll Toilet Paper
    • Multifold Towels
    • Tork Soap
    • Air Fresheners
    • DEO-Tech Deodorizers
  • Comprehensive Customer Support. Emergency situations and demand surges? Your Tomlinson customer support partner is only one call away! Our services are made even better by the assurance of easy access to our customer support team. They are always ready to help you even with your most unexpected needs and situations!

Sign Up for Restroom and Sanitation Supply Service from Tomlinson Today!

Make empty dispensers and smelly restrooms a thing of the past with the super dependable service of Tomlinson! Call us at (800) 600-7617 to speak with a member of our team who can help you with signing up for service. You may also reach us here for your other inquiries or price quote requests.