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When is Linen Service the Answer?

Dealing with linens isn’t easy. Businesses in many different fields rely on them to operate smoothly, but sometimes, they’re more of a problem than they’re worth. Linen service is an easy fix but when is linen service the answer? Asking this question by itself is already a good indicator that it may be useful. However, it’s important to look long and hard at what parts of your business aren’t living up to your expectations before signing up.

So, When is Linen Service the Answer?

No matter the industry, if your business is facing any of these problems, then linen service is the answer:

When Linen Loss is Getting Out of Hand

Did you know that every year, US hospitals lose nearly 90% of their still usable linen? This costs the industry nearly $1 billion every single year and isn’t unique to healthcare. Hospitality, food service, manufacturing, you name it, linen loss is a common problem. Sometimes employees throw them out because they seem too soiled to be reused. Sometimes staff or customers take them home when they shouldn’t. No matter how it happens, linen loss pervades many different industries.

Good linen services help avoid this major problem through sustainable practices. With a steady supply of reusable linens at the ready, linen services worth the money can withstand any shortage and ensure clients always have what they need. There’s no need to worry about linen loss no matter how it occurs. 

When Linens Aren’t Performing like They Used To

Linens go bad over time, this is something that most businesses are used to. Without proper care and maintenance, however, this process is much quicker. Rips, tears, stains, and weakened fabric all take a toll on business operations and negatively impact employee performance. Worse still, unless you’ve got someone on board or whose job is to repair linens, they need to be replaced.

Working with a quality linen service gives you access to laundry and maintenance facilities that take care of linens for you. When done right, you won’t even be able to tell the difference between old linens and fresh, brand new ones. 

When Your Budget Needs a Break

Budgeting a business is its own logistical nightmare that is only made more complicated by managing linens yourself. On-premise laundries, repairs, replacements, and inventory management are all factors that come out of the company budget when dealing with purchased goods. This makes a huge dent in the budget and doesn’t even include potentially lost profits that missing or damaged linens cause. This includes everything from lost customers, to decreased productivity, to even fines from major regulators.

With the right linen service in your corner, you’ll receive quality service that saves you money on all of these costs and lost profits. They free up your time and budget to focus on what matters most to the company: pursuing greater profits. 

When You Need Quality Service that Doesn’t Break the Bank, Go with Tomlinson Linen

When is linen service the answer? If you’re looking to curb linen loss, ensure linens work as intended, and save some money, go with Tomlinson Linen! We are the Washington expert at providing various industries with the linens they need to succeed. Since 1985, we have led the industry and provided our clients with exactly what they need, when they need it, and at competitively low prices.

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