Where to Put Mats in Your Business

Where to Put Mats in Your Business

So, you’ve decided to set up mats in your business. Dedication to floor care is admirable, however, it’s important to know where to put mats in your business. Tomlinson is here to help with that! Our customizable options can be placed anywhere, which has given us insight into the most effective ways to maintain our clients’ floors.

Tomlinson Will Show You Where to Put Mats in Your Business

With decades of experience providing mats to Washington businesses, Tomlinson has learned a thing or two about efficiency. These are the most effective locations for mats in your business:


The first and most obvious location people think of placing a floor mat is in entryways. These are the most heavily trafficked areas of most businesses. They’re also an open invitation for the outside elements to come knocking. This means dirt, dust, mud, as well as salt and snow in the winter months. Tomlinson’s mats come with thick bristles that remove all of this from shoe and boot soles. They’ll withstand long, repeated use thanks to their durable designs and our maintenance service.

Desks and Counters

The next most common and useful location for a mat would be around desks and counters. Many employees spend their entire shifts in one location either on foot or in a chair. The same goes for customers waiting in line or interfacing with your staff. Either way, both of their continued presence and movement in one location can easily wear down the floors. Tomlinson’s mats not only protect the floors from scuffing but also add to your business’s aesthetic. On top of this, they ensure long-lasting comfort.

Near Electrical Equipment

One of the biggest dangers that electrical equipment, especially computers, faces is static discharges. This is especially dangerous this time of year when static electricity builds up faster and more intensely. The best way to avoid static from bricking your electronics is to ground yourself. And Tomlinson offers your best solution for preventing static buildup! Each of our mats serves as an effective tool to ground yourself and keep your equipment safe.

Anywhere People Will See Them

Something that many businesses overlook when it comes to floor mats is how quickly people notice them. One of the first things anyone sees when they enter a new space is the floor. Tomlinson helps our clients take advantage of that with our custom logo mats. With us, you can display your logo or whatever imagery you want to represent your business anywhere in the facility! Wherever you see large amounts of customers in your business, place our logo mats and see for yourself the benefits of subliminal marketing.

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